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bounty has been set for Aros http://thenostromo.com/teamaros2/index.php?number=62
I have run the new nightly build iso loaded in the Vesa Screenmode I have got to stage where it says ” Please insert a bootable disk into any drive” can any of you guys help me with this as I know very little about aros.

Somebody in a amiga forum told me this – Looks to me like it can’t read the filesystem… seems like it’s either expecting an NTFS filesystem and can’t find one, or else it’s found an NTFS filesystem and can’t open the handler.

Is it perhaps trying to boot your hard disk rather than the disk with AROS on it?     If any body can help please reply.



1. Craf - June 16, 2008

If you boot with an external usb cdrom drive aros cant boot from because it has no drivers. due to this it requires a disk.
If you’re not booting from cdrom drive what sort of drive did you boot ?

2. Raffaele - June 16, 2008

Then try the version of Aros wrapped into VMWare environment.

It is called VMWAros…


3. Raffaele - June 16, 2008

Sorry! I made a typo!

Obivously “htp:” is intended to be “http”…


(Correct the link in the firstr comment and delete this one)

4. The Formula - July 5, 2008

@ Craf
I have been booting from an external drive as the Eee Pc has no internal drive. I think the solution might be this vmware version rather then the live cd.

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