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This is a guide I have created to get AmiKit fully working on an EEE Pc.
(if you cannot see pic because its too small then save it to hard disk and view)

1) First download and install amikit http://amikit.amiga.sk/
2) Install roms and operating system with standard installer in 800 x 600 screenmode
3)Close amikit after instalation and the click on the amikit icon then click configure WinUAE then change the values to screenshot to the ones in the pic

save the settings to the winuae config u are using.
4) Load amikit and use fn + f6 to go to windows and use the Asus EEE Pc utility to change windows mode to LCD 800 x 600 (Do this if you need to move the amikit screen about)
6) Open “amikit” and then “prefs” and select screenmode

save screenmode and exit
7) Then (still in the prefs folder) select “ShowAmiga96_prefs” convert image to the settings on the picture below and save

8) Restart amikit and play away + make sure u have your cd drive plugged in when u load amikit.

Now it should look like this:

Guide created by theformula


1. Giovanni - June 16, 2008

Nice guide… It seems there are many solutions to run Amiga, I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but if I had an EEE PC I would choose Amikit 🙂

2. Craf - June 16, 2008

Great work

3. Screetch - June 19, 2008

Hello and Tx for this article.

This graphical references is for eeePC 700 or 900 ?

4. The Formula - July 5, 2008


5. Pierre - October 7, 2008


I tried to install AmiKit on my EeePc but ran into a number of problems. I’m using WinXp SP2 by the way and was installing to an 4 gig SD card with just under 2 gig free space.

Once I ran the installer, the amount of time that files were being decompressed seemed excessively long. I waited over a half hour before cancelling the install. I was able to start the installation/configuration, so Amikit did find my ROMS but it would not recognise that my Amiga Forever CD was in the external CD drive. AmiKit did install onto my desktop with no problems however.

Any thoughts?

6. nenes - February 9, 2009

j’ai installĂ© amikit sur un eeepc 701
tout fonctionne a part internet
je suis sur linux mint
j’ai essayĂ© sur un autre portable et l’internet marche avec linux mint
avez vous le meme probleme que moi
sinon comment avoir bsdsoket.library en emulation
merci de me repondre

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