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This is a Guide on how to install AmigaSYS 4 for winuae  on eee pc. I have not tried other version. I have seen screenshots of Amiga under linux with the live distro. Anyway this is the guide:
1) Download and install winuae http://www.winuae.net/ then download and install Amigasys 4 http://amigasys.extra.hu/ to the winuae directory.

2) Run winuae and load the amigasys config file and load your roms and start winuae.

3) Install operating system you have a copy of using external cd drive. ( This version was installed using Amiga Os XL – Amithlon)
4) Restart after install and open ‘System’ and then ‘prefs’ select ‘screen mode’ and change the setting to screenshot. If you need to move the screen down then use alt + tab and the asus eeePC utility to 800 x 600

It should now look like this

Guide Created By TheFormula



1. rich - July 5, 2008


can’t get to the link to download amigasys

any ideas ?

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