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You can help July 5, 2008

Posted by The Formula in Uncategorized.

Hi I just checked my inbox and wow I have a lot of really useful comments. Thanks guys :p and sorry for not approving quickly I am just getting used to wordpress.

Writing the guides I have realized that I have been leaving out the linux users out and especially the people using the Eee Pc Kde disto that comes supplied with the netbook. So I have got rid of xp and gone back to the default os 😀

I will be producing guides for as many amiga based operating systems and emulators as I can. If any of you guys are running a system and want to write a small bit about it or anything to add to the news please feel free to email me ravi.abbott@gmail.com

Coming Soon:

Amikit – Kde Guide

ClasssicWb – Windows xp guide



1. Randall Lasini - August 16, 2008

Cool site. I am looking at running a version of Amiga OS (amithlon prefered, its sitting on my shelf here gatthering dust) on my Eee900. However as I the Eee’s are flash based, constantly re-installing/writing to the boot disk does wear it out.

What I would be REALLY interested in is a Howto to install a instance onto a thumb drive (say 1 to 4 Gig). I got BT3 linux installed onto a 1Gb thumb in 4 minutes from my Windows PC, and in 30 seconds my Eee boot’s of it perfectly, with the correct resolution.

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