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You can help July 5, 2008

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Hi I just checked my inbox and wow I have a lot of really useful comments. Thanks guys :p and sorry for not approving quickly I am just getting used to wordpress.

Writing the guides I have realized that I have been leaving out the linux users out and especially the people using the Eee Pc Kde disto that comes supplied with the netbook. So I have got rid of xp and gone back to the default os 😀

I will be producing guides for as many amiga based operating systems and emulators as I can. If any of you guys are running a system and want to write a small bit about it or anything to add to the news please feel free to email me ravi.abbott@gmail.com

Coming Soon:

Amikit – Kde Guide

ClasssicWb – Windows xp guide


Ameeega Monitor June 15, 2008

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I found this video of a guy on youtube using a usb video capture device so he could use his EEE Pc as a monitor for his amiga. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=78S09iGnfJ8

Site set up and Guides online :D June 15, 2008

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Hi I have set up this site so Asus EEE Pc users can run many versions of the amiga system. This site covers amiga emulation and operating systems like aros and amithlon and also amiga eee pc blogs. I have been chatting in forums and creating guides. I decided to put all of the info in one place. I had previously created a guide for Amikit, now I have created a guide for AmigaSys 4 which is now online. More guides and info coming soon. Please feel free to comment or even send me guide or links to ravi.abbott@gmail.com and I will publish them on this site.